Art by Stuart Burton
Do not go gentle into that good night...Dylan ThomasIn the evening it is cut down and withers - Psalm 90In The Morning It Flourishes and Grows Up. from Psalm 90Cascading MemoriesOld Age in the Time of Covid-19Not Done Yet!Yes, No, MaybeSeptember SongTurn, Turn, TurnFinal Letters
On Old Age
These pieces speak to how getting old is impacting me...the physical, the mortality of it. As challenging as those two aspects are, I’ve also found this aging experience quite liberating, challenging and motivating me in my art…to go beyond my usual comfort zone.

The recent deaths of my sister and two very close, childhood friends hit me hard, making me take stock of my life journey thus far and where I’m heading. Covid-19 has surely added another dimension to all of it.

That ticking clock people talk about? I hear it. But I’ve decided not to hear it as tolling, but as my new theme song.