Art by Stuart Burton
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Migration Series
Migration, by definition, is the movement from one place towards another. Animals migrate. People also migrate. This series addresses the emotional impact on people making this physical journey.

Along with hopes and optimism, there are surely fears and trepidations about whether the new space will be the right space. But the reasons for leaving are often far more compelling, and indeed life saving, than the dread surrounding the trip and the gut wrenching sadness of leaving one’s homeland behind.

Using circles to denote the actual movement and linear strips to represent the resistance to that movement, this series explores how expectations, dreams, fears, refuge, danger, threats, sometimes intersect…sometimes clash… in this quest for a future of security and fulfillment.

Migration is by definition the movement from one place to another, but it’s also about finding a way to bring the strength of the past forward while leaving the rest behind.